Mystic Mafia


Mystic Mafia was founded in 2007 by a group of besties just for fun. We do not require members to attend any events, raise donations, earn points, volunteer, or serve on committees.  We are all successful, busy, socially involved women, so our krewe’s main mission is sisterhood.  Unlike many other local krewes, we are not affiliated with just one official charity so we do not require members to raise money or work for our organization.  However, you will see our members participating in, donating to, & supporting numerous fundraisers for a list of local charitable organizations.  This participation is by individual personal choice, not because mafia requires anyone to.  Mafia is a safe place to have positive, healthy fun & nurture supportive female friendships.   

About Krewe:

We always make an impression on our city & the celebrations we attend.  The gangster theme, in combination with our gorgeous float, fun costumes & amazing energy are SO much fun!  The gangsta life with #thefamily only gets better as we evolve. @REALmysticmafia #mysticmafia #MM4L. Their signature event since year of inception is Gangster Night Out, a pub crawl through out our beautiful downtown community. Members also enjoy a notorious themed cocktail attire Christmas party every year to be hosted at the House of Gangster. 


Mystic Mafia gangster girls  can be found at nearly every  parade, Mardi Gras event, krewe ball,  festival and fundraiser in the local market. Our presence is undeniable by our signature look – corsets, fedora hats & bling!  If you have ever been to a parade in Pensacola, you have seen our stunning float. Roxy2, as she is affectionately called, is a 42 foot long 1956 two-tone Rolls-Royce custom built by local vendors in our red and black signature colors. Our theme is BLING so you can’t miss us! Our float comes complete with a one of a kind custom blinged potty built into the bathroom on the float. Listen for us booming as we roll with our impressive 10 speaker stereo system pumping both old-school rap and the latest hip-hop with our gangster swag!


We are very selective with membership, with a minimum age of 25 years old & membership cap of 75 ladies.  We have a very diverse group, including women from Brazil, Romania, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa & members who live in several different states.


Krewe officers are as follows; April Davidson – President & Founder, Karen Fleming – Vice President, Katy Hendry – Float Captain.  Other active founding members & 1st & 2nd year OG’s are: Chelsea Whiteside, Georganna Gordon, Angelique Smith, Melissa Freeman, Summer Carter & Wendy Odom.