Mayokis is a fictitious tribe formed in 1961 to enhance the City of Pensacola’s annual Fiesta of Five Flags celebration. During the Fiesta season, the Mayokis Court takes part in a light-hearted parody of what might have happened when Spanish Conquistador Don Tristan DeLuna first landed on the shores of Pensacola Beach in 1559. For the rest of the week, Mayokis travel to local businesses, childcare centers, and nursing homes throughout Pensacola and Gulf Breeze areas to provide entertainment and spread Fiesta cheer.

About Krewe:

The Krewe is for couples only! The very exclusive Mayokis bring fun everywhere they travel, and you know they are coming by the bells on their ankles. Mayokis are known for their festive and joyous party attitude, but they get much less exposure for their works of charity in the community. Mayokis frequently visit assisted-living facilities, children’s hospitals, and other charitable locations.

The Chief, a member who is elected by popular vote, and his wife, Queen White Dove, are dressed in white costumes with matching headdresses. The Chief appoints the Medicine Man and Witch Woman; both are very visible in their black costumes during the parades, accompanying the Chief and his court. All four positions are coveted positions within Mayokis.


Our current Royalty:

Chief Mayoki & Queen White Dove:
Andy & Felicia Terhaar

Medicine Man & Witch Woman:
Nick & Kate Hendrickson


We have approximately 250-300 active members. We accept 14 new couples each year, which the previous court’s members put up.


We host Two(2) annual events, a Ball in June and a Fall Party typically held in November.