Krewe of St. Patrick


The Krewe was formed in January of 2010. It was a scramble to get everything together to participate in Mardi Gras that year, but they did it.  Jeff Elbert, their first president, was instrumental in providing  leadership to their~225 founding members.

About Krewe:

The Krewe of St. Patrick is an Irish-themed Krewe, that is as diverse as it is fun.  They have activities throughout the year to bring members together and raise funds for their charities.  Some of those charities include: Heroes on the Water and Walk the Beach to Fight ALS.


We parade in a LARGE castle themed float proudly built by the Krewe. Our balcony is where you will find our Lord and Lady and our Honor Court platform is located down the center of our float. With a motto of: Faithfully Green, we only thrown green at Mardi Gras. We also design in-house a yearly Krewe bead and pin to trade and/or throw.


We require new members to be sponsored by current members of good standing. Once the application is completed, and approved by the board, we accept payment and issue a welcome packet. Our growing website is also a good source of information for new members. We are looking for persons 21 or older, willing to follow the Krewe’s Bylaws, eager to share their talents within our committees, adhere to our non-discriminatory policy, and have a good time with like-minded, kilt wearing, paraders.


They participate in 5 parades and the Kick-Off celebration. They do a yearly pub crawl as a fundraiser, Halloween & Christmas parties, beach parties and more.