Krewe of Gatsby Girls


Krewe of Gatsby Girls was established in 2014 by Angela Crooke Stokes, Brannan Rogers Niell, and Holly Cummings.

The inaugural year of Gatsby Girls was comprised of 90 Founding Members. In our second year, our Krewe has grown to an astounding 116 Member Krewe.

About Krewe:

Our vision is uniting together strong, independent women who possess style and class, to give back to our community, while having a fabulous time doing so….Gatsby Style

Krewe of Gatsby Girls is active in the community through philanthropy with partnerships with various organizations. This year, Gatsby Girls, selected THE HONOR H.E.R. FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN VETERANS to receive a portion of proceeds from our Annual Speakeasy Ball and Charity Event that takes place each year on New Year’s Eve.

Our Krewe is comprised of over 100 women who share a common bond in philanthropy work, placing high value in community service, fundraising, and charity promotion.

Krewe of Gatsby Girls is a 1920’s-era themed krewe – a krewe easy to spot with women dressed in authentic 20’s Gatsby attire, adorned with gold and pearls, and a staple of the 20’s—the headpiece.


The inaugural year of Gatsby Girls was comprised of 90 Founding Members.  In our fourth year, the Krewe has grown to an astounding 134 Member Krewe.


Krewe of Gatsby Girls accepts nominations for new members annually. To become a member of Gatsby Girls, one must be nominated by a current member and is accepted after an election process.


The Krewe holds private monthly events for our Krewe members. We are always committed to volunteer work and finding new opportunities in our local area. We enjoy learning about the needs of our city and creating ways to support local causes. They especially enjoy participating in Mardi Gras events where we can network and connect with other Krewes in our area.

Annual Speakeasy New Years Eve Ball and Charity Event
December 31st

Hilton Pensacola Beach

Attire: Authentic 1920’s Formal
Tickets: This is an open event to the public

Blame it on the Bubbly
Ring in a much needed 2023 with the Krewe of Gatsby Girls and support Honor H.E.R Foundation for Women Veterans.

Come have a roaring good time with us & Party Like It’s 1922!

There really is no party like a Gatsby Girls Party!
Especially when it benefits such a worthy cause…

This event emphasizes the fundamental goals of the Gatsby Girls organization—Charity Promotion and Fund Raising. Not only will our efforts create a special evening for those of you in our community, but we will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to Project Formal A 4 EVER DEZ project.