Krewe of Bowlegs

About Krewe:

From Fort Walton Beach is the Krewe of Bowlegs and their mighty ship, “The Blackhawk.” She is commanded by her 59th Captain, Don Hutson. At his side is his beautiful Queen, Cristi Perry, and Captain’s Wife, Karen Hutson, along with the Second Mate, Tim Perry. Keeping this motley crew in check is the Bad First Mate and Mistress, Gordon & Nyla Starr. This raucous band of pirates sail year round to numerous ports-of-call with cannons blazing; pillaging and plundering and striking fear into all who challenge them. This year they are looking for the last Aztec gold coin, and so far they have been unable to find it. As their theme this year is “Old Pirates Never Die,” they must find this last Aztec gold coin before this 59th year comes to an end.


The 59th Honor Guard consists of ten couples. It is our Honor Guard that sets the tone for Fun and Friendship throughout the year.   The Honor Guard Pirates and Wenches in our 59th year are Eddie and Alyssa Chambless, Tom and Salli Cumbie, Mark and Molly Grindland, Bob and Teresa Halverson, Brian and Kristin Page, Alan and Polly Parker, Joe and Angelia Rollins, Jon David and Courtney Simpson, Robert and Stacy Smith, and Matt and Kacy Turpin


Billy Bowlegs Festival: June 6, 2015
Billy Bowlegs Torchlight Parade: June 8, 2015