Krewe of Bad Habits was established in 2009.  The concept of the Krewe of Bad Habits originated from the Krewe of Bula. With slow disestablishment of the Krewe of Bula, a float began being built from the thoughts of Papas (Kenneth Hudson). This float was the beginning of the Krewe of Bad Habits. As the few remaining members of the Krewe of Bula and the up and coming members of the new Krewe starting blending into a new family we call the Krewe.  The family is currently 22 members strong.

About Krewe:

The Krewe of Bad Habits chose to support and donate to the Ronald McDonald House. We not only provide a monetary donation, but we also assist with preparing meals to the family at the Ronald McDonald House at Pensacola Florida.


The Krewe of Bad Habits, elect their royalty, although their process does not include campaigning and parties to secure votes.  Votes are secured through individual merit towards the Krewe.


New member acceptance is determined on the basis of how many membership slots we have available and the proposed new member’s date of application. We are looking for members who will be active participants in our activities and enjoy the festivities! The membership process begins with a current member sponsoring a prospective member and then the current members approves the new member


The Krewe has various events throughout the year, please visit their website to catch all the latest events!