Krewe of Anarchy


The Krewe of Anarchy was founded in 2016.


Krewe of Anarchy takes the lack of organization and informality the term “anarchy” evokes seriously! There are no elections, no royal court and no standing committees, just lots of Mardi Gras fun. Officers are selected annually by random drawing of members willing to serve. The krewe’s representatives to Priscus are also selected by random draw. KofA’s theme is “steampunk” and members can costume in anything that fits the theme. Whether it be Victorian, American western, retro-futuristic or post-apocalyptic, it’s all about gears, gadgets, contraptions and gizmos.


Membership is by invitation only. To inquire or for more information, email

Additional Members:

President: Lew Attardo

Vice President/Treasurer: Laura Dennis

Secretary: Christina Chapin

Float Captain: Colby Chapin