Krewe of Africa Kings


Our Krewe was started in 1990.  Martin Lewis lead the formation of the Krewe of African Kings.  We started out with 25 members but because of the location of our Ball, we have limited our membership to 15.

About Krewe:

The group’s ball continues to be a black-tie affair by invitation only, with food, drinking, dancing and a program on the history of the king featured for the year, according to a krewe press release. This year, the krewe will celebrate King Samori Ture of the Wassoulou Empire. The krewe gives favors to guests, which over the years have ranged from masks to second-line handkerchiefs (second-line refers to traditional parades, with brass bands, dancing in the streets and often brightly colored umbrellas and props). The queen is one of the guests chosen by the use of a “Queen’s Cake.”


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Membership is limited to around 20 members. We all belong to other organizations that help the community. Lewis said in the press release. This is strictly a fun Mardi Gras krewe. The organization is open to male members of St. Joseph Church as well as the community. Membership fee is $ 400 a year.   Members must have a costume reflecting some part of Africa made in the Mardi Gras tradition and must purchase their own throws for parades.


Our ball is closed to the public.  It is by invitation only and it is a formal affair with floor length gowns for ladies.