Krewe de Kannabis (Est 4.20)


The Krewe De Kannabis was established in 4/20 (April 2020) following the Pensacola Mardi Gras parade ahead of the COVID era.  A group of pro-cannabis moms (and  families) attended the parade, and planned on doing it every year thereafter. Following the parade, they talked about potentially joining a Krewe that may be ok with some pro-cannabis moms joining. Then they learned that so many great Krewes in our area had outstanding missions and advocacy work that they stood for. So they thought, “hmmm, maybe they could stand up a pro-cannabis Krewe in an increased effort to break the stigma?” Which a bunch of them were already trying to do. What better way than a pro cannabis Mardi Gras Krewe to reach the masses and April 2020 would never happen again, so it was perfect timing. 


The Krewe has approximately 60 members and will reopen invite only membership in Fall 2021.


 Cannabis & Canvas’ – Late March 

1 year Anniversary Luau – April 17, 2021 – Location TBD


Crystal Silins – Executive/Founding Board Member

Melissa Nicholson – Founding Board Member

Stefanie Watson – Founding Board Member

Toni Sparks – Founding Board Member


The mission of the Krewe De Kannabis is to engage the community in an increased effort to educate people on the benefits of the cannabis plant, remove the historically negative stigma associated with cannabis, and advocate for the full legalization of all forms of cannabis. They strive to end the prohibition of cannabis, normalize use, and shift the stigma- in our area, and beyond.