Krewe of Warriors 2018 Mardi Gras Ball

Krewe of Hip Huggers’ 20th Anniversary Ball
January 22, 2018
2018 Cordova Mall Ball
February 1, 2018

The Krewe of Warriors transformed the Sanders Beach – Corinne Jones Resource Center into the Emerald City of Oz for its 2018 Warrior Ball.

One of the few krewes that changes its theme from year to year, the Warriors are “Warriors of Oz” for 2018, and the ball showed it from start to finish. Guests entered down the Yellow Brick Road, had treats from the Lollipop Guild and were surrounded by Munchkins, Winged Monkeys and more.

The Warriors’ throw quite a party, and lots of other krewes come out to join the festivities. During the presentation from the stage, the krewe welcomed members of the Krewe of Gatsby Girls, Krewe of Seville, Krewe of Revelers, Krewe of Kolors, Krewe of Anarchy, Krewe of Lafitte and more to the celebration.

Garbed as some of Oz’s most famous citizens, the 2018 Warrior Court performed in dances choreographed by LaVonne French before and after their names were revealed. This year’s court includes Lion Prince and Princess Randy Swann and Bonnie Primm; Tin Man Prince and Princess Scott Wells and Sandra Plaharsick; Scarecrow Prince and Princess Randy Armstrong and Lori Johnson; Donna Johns as Glenda the Good Witch; 2018 Jester Sam Gochenour portraying Nikko, King of the Winged Monkeys; 2018 Minstrel Patti “Cakes” Mohan portraying the Wicked Witch of the West; Wizard and 2018 King Brian Andrews; and 2018 Queen Terri Alvarez portraying Dorothy.

The raucous evening continued with dancing to live music from Fortag and a number of stage invasions.

Reporting by Julio Diaz. Photos by Phil Bailey.