FREE General Admission Kick-Off tickets for Krewe Royalty

PMG is offering your Krewe Four (4) FREE tickets to attend the 2022 Pensacola Mardi Gras Kick-Off with a General Admission ticket good for admission food and 2 free beverages. We want every Krewe to come, participate and enjoy the start of the 2022 Pensacola Mardi Gras season. 

Here is full event information HERE

Guests will be allowed to come and go with wristband.  All guests must be 21.  No alcoholic beverages may enter or leave, but may be consumed inside the event, or on Chase Street as we are allowing open containers on Chase Street.  NOTE: open containers will not be allowed on other Downtown Pensacola Streets that evening.

We want to work together and have the most up to date information from your Krewe.  We sent a big bulk email through Constant Contact.  It included a request for your Krewes updated information for 2022.  We have many, but are also missing many.  Currently we know of 90 Krewes and we want information on all of you.  If you haven’t sent yours in, THE QUESTIONARIE IS HERE

Once we receive your Krewe’s updated 2022 information we will send your Leader (Krewe’s use various terms to identify their Leader) an email with 4 FREE GA tickets to the Kick-Off.

HERE IS YOUR KREWE FLOAT APPLICATION – Floats are going to be asked to arrive at a staging area at 4:00pm, prepared to be escorted to the Chase Street Line Up by PPD at 4:30pm.  Floats will all be on Chase Street by 5:00pm.  Krewes are welcome to join after 5:00pm FREE.  When we set your float on Chase Street we will require a cell number from your driver and will build a group text of the drivers that evening to communicate as a group and individually. ALL RULES ARE ON THE FLOAT APPLICATION AND MUST BE ADHERED TO.

At approximately 7:30pm, The New Orleans Ramblers will 2nd Line through the float line up picking up your Royalty, and Krewes, and march in to the event area (everyone will be required to have a wristband).  Royalty will be lined up and staged.  Beginning around 8:00pm we will begin bringing Krewe Royalty on to stage with the Royal Processional of Father, King and Queen Priscus, elected officials, Town Crier, and several surprise celebrities to have your Krewe and Royalty blessed.   Each Krewe will be presented with a certificate certifying that your Krewe was blessed and prepared to participate in the 2022 Pensacola and surrounding area Mardi Gras celebration with full energy and enthusiasm. 

We will use your Krewe information provided on THE QUESTIONNAIRE to introduce your Krewe.  We want to give you as much notoriety as possible.  If you have an event during the Mardi Gras season we will include that in your introduction.

There will be video screens at the event, and the event will be recorded.  We will publicly offer a link to the recording afterwards as a reference for anyone to meet your Krewe and hear the dates of your events.

We plan on all floats leaving Chase Street between 11pm and Midnight.  We will communicate with the drivers that evening.