Krewe du YaYas

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Krewew was started in 2003. Currently has 144 members

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Purple, green and gold give way to a profusion of pink in the Krewe du YaYas. "We do what we do for a reason, and hope we're saving lives," member Candy Enfinger-Blackmon said. The YaYas are focused on one goal: making a difference in the battle against breast cancer. They're visible at local events all year, not just during Mardi Gras. You've seen them -- in their pink wigs and pink feathers and pink everything else -- at anything from poker runs to cancer awareness walks. There's power in their pink. "Are some of the outfits a little outlandish? Yes, of course they are, but it draws attention. Every person who stops and asks -- we can tell them this is why we do this," said Enfinger-Blackmon, who is chairperson of the annual Mardi Gras ball. The YaYas' Mardi Gras ball is open to the public for the first time this year, and a portion of proceeds goes to the fight against breast cancer. The krewe raises $50,000 to $60,000 a year for breast cancer prevention. Members raised about $30,000 at the last Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Mall to Mall Walk. The money is divvied up among our hospitals to provide mammograms for local women who can't afford them. "Our money stays here," Enfinger-Blackmon emphasized. "That's one of my favorite things." These ladies know they're making a difference. "If someone in our community gets a mammogram because of us and is diagnosed with breast cancer -- we very well could have saved her life."


Membership in the Krewe du YaYas is limited to 125 women, and they are currently at the maximum. Members must be over 25, and new members must be nominated by a current member in good standing. Krewe membership is by invite only


The Krewe has various events throughout the year, please visit their website to catch all the latest Yaya events!



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